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HGF-V Atomic Fluorescence Spectrophotometer
HGF-V Atomic Fluorescence Spectrophotometer
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HGF-V Atomic Fluorescence Spectrophotometer

Product summary: The HGF-V series atomic fluorescence photometer is a high-performance atomic fluorescence photometer in the AFS4.0 era launched by Haiguang Company. The product integrates more than 40 new core technologies. It adopts high reliability, high intelligence, high automation, and maintenance-free The human-computer interaction design solves the pain points of traditional atomic fluorescence, and has good performance in sample detection in the fields of food, environment, disease control, and geology.
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Product features:

●Adopt multi-channel, multi position and adjustment-free light source system.

●The optical system design based on internal-extinction screw thread, asymmetric diaphragm and special extinction material coating can effectively suppress stray light and significantly improve the Signal-to-Noise ratio of the detection system.

●The three-dimensional integrated flow path system effectively solves the problems of messy pipeline, easy mercury residue and serious memory effect.

●Micro-upgrade high-performance sequential injection system:maintenance-free, no pump consumption, complete automation and intelligence of analysis and cleaning.

●The mL-level high-precision digital gas mass flow control system composed of carrier gas, auxiliary gas and shielding gas ensures the long-term stability and reliability of the analysis results.

●The three-stage gas-liquid separation system: maintenance-free; water cooled; self-overflow; specially designed for high organic matter samples; inhibit bubble generation; dehumidify efficiently; discharge waste automatically.

●The double-zone temperature-controlled atomizer with independent temperature control for carrier gas and shielding gas ensures long-term stability and reliability of atomization efficiency.

●Million times maintenance-free ignition technology, which would never need to replace the ignition furnace wire, completely solves the problem of easy fracture of furnace wire.

●The mercury lamp drift calibration system with high stability completely solves the problem of poor mercury stability in long-term measurement process.

●Omni-directional sensing monitoring technologies: monitoring liquid leakage, gas flow, ignition current, atomization room, etc.

●High-speed LAN and WIFI wireless communication technology.

●A new generation of intelligent software system: automatically completes the whole process of measuring, saving, cleaning, exiting and shutting down the computer.


Measuring range:

Twelve elements (As, Se, Pb, Bi, Sb, Te, Sn, Hg, Cd, Ge, Zn and Au) can be measured. The elemental speciation analysis function for As, Hg, Se, Sb and other elements can be realized after upgrading.


Application areas:

Environmental protection; food safety; geology, mining and metallurgy; petrochemical industry; water supply and drainage; soil; scientific research in colleges and universities; agriculture; life sciences; medical science; disease control; clinical diagnosis; cosmetics.

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