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HGA-E series flame & graphite furnace integrated atomic absorption spectrophotometer
HGA-E series flame & graphite furnace integrated atomic absorption spectrophotometer
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HGA-E series flame & graphite furnace integrated atomic absorption spectrophotometer

Product summary: Product overview: HGA-E series atomic absorption is a dual light source series flame and graphite furnace integrated machine launched by Haiguang Company with more than 40 years of R&D experience. It has high automation and a variety of protection measures and excellent performance. It is suitable for quantitative analysis of metal elements in food, environment, chemical industry, medicine, metallurgy and other fields.
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Product features:

● Flame and graphite furnace integrated machine; double atomizer series integrated design; no switching; users do not need to frequently adjust the position of graphite furnace injector;

● Dual light source design; flame and graphite furnace have independent light sources respectively, which overcomes the disadvantages of long optical path and large energy loss of traditional series all-in-one machine, and ensures that both analysis modes can have better optical design;

● Deuterium lamp background correction technology is adopted for flame and graphite furnace; specially imported deuterium lamp ensures its stable operation in modulation mode; strong energy and stable luminescence;

● With flame emission function, it can measure easily-ionized metal elements by emission method;

● Flame and graphite furnace atomization modes are automatically switched by software; relevant configuration and instrument conditions are automatically matched;

● Two sets of 8-Lamp slip ring rotating lighthouses can realize the simultaneous preheating of eight lights;

● It has the functions of power on self-test, automatic slit switching, automatic peak setting, automatic lamp position, automatic recommendation for analysis conditions, etc.

● Automatic energy balance technology, with D2 energy automatic attenuator, ensures that the cathode lamp is matched within the scope of use, and ensures D2’s service life and instrument’s working condition;

● The graphite furnace has built-in power supply, longitudinal heating, light-controlled temperature rise and temperature calibration functions, and is designed with over temperature alarm of furnace body, low gas pressure alarm, broken or unclamped graphite tube alarm, etc;

● Equipped with 64 position graphite furnace automatic sampler; double syringe pump; vertical injection; visible injection process;

● The system of the flame part is stable and reliable with the design of integrated automatic water seal, automatic ignition, flame monitoring, gas leakage alarm, etc.;

● Equipped with gas shutdown button in case of accident;

● Can be equipped with hydride generator.


Applicable fields:

Food hygiene, geology, metallurgy, agricultural testing, chemical environmental protection, water quality testing, pharmaceutical commodity inspection, education and research, etc.


Detection elements:

It is mainly used for more than 70 elements such as gold, silver, copper, lead, zinc, manganese, potassium, sodium, calcium, magnesium, iron and cadmium in food, surface water, groundwater, drinking water and other samples.

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