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Automatic Continuous Flow Analyzer:HGCF-200 series
Automatic Continuous Flow Analyzer:HGCF-200 series
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Automatic Continuous Flow Analyzer:HGCF-200 series

Product summary: Product overview:HGCF series continuous flow analyzer is developed and launched by Haiguang Company. It is an independent all-in-one machine. Each instrument includes an independent peristaltic pump, chemical reaction module, CCD detector and control circuit which supports the chemical reaction, etc. It can be flexibly equipped with a variety of automatic samplers. All functions and analysis process are controlled by self-developed working software. HGCF series products have a wide range of applications and many test items, which realizes the full-automatic analysis of batch samples, greatly improves the work efficiency of laboratory personnel and reduces the work intensity. With fast and accurate analysis functions, the product is easy to use, operate and maintain and it is safe, reliable and durable. It is the best choice for laboratories in relevant industries.
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Application areas:

Continuous flow analyzer is widely used in surface water, groundwater, drinking water, seawater, sewage, soil, tobacco, fertilizer, food, milk and other industries.


Test items:

It is used for automatic analysis of total cyanide, cyanide, volatile phenol, anionic surfactant, total phosphorus, total nitrogen, ammonia nitrogen, sulfide, hexavalent chromium, nitrate, nitrite, COD (MN), urea, etc.


Technical features:

Appearance introduction:

◎Independent detection module design; sealed reaction process; support simultaneous detection of two items.

◎Professional appearance design; compact structure; reasonable layout; easy to operate and maintain.

◎The design of safety shield can effectively avoid personal injury caused by possible reagent leakage and ensure the safety of use.


Chemical reaction system:

◎Advanced air interval flow technology is adopted to complete the sample reaction, reduce sample residue and avoid mutual interference of samples.

◎The instrument has full steady-state detection, high sensitivity and good stability.

◎Fully online sample pretreatment with comprehensive functions, including online sample adding, mixing, heating, UV digestion, distillation, dialysis, extraction and other functions.

◎The patented blow-off distillation device, with high efficiency and long service life, can quickly complete sample distillation and collection. It is especially suitable for the analysis and detection of sewage with complex matrix.

◎The glass mixing ring with an inner diameter of 2mm has very good trafficability and chemical inertness, small memory effect and is not easy to be blocked.

◎High efficient on-line UV digestion device can quickly complete the decomposition and transformation of complex samples and meet the requirements of on-line detection.

◎Specially designed bubble elimination device can prevent bubbles from entering the detector which will affect photometric detection.

◎There is no need to filter and degass samples and reagents, which greatly reduces the workload.

◎Compared with oil bath heating, direct electric heating is more convenient and safe, and there is no need to add or replace heating oil, so as to avoid the risk of high temperature splashing and cracking of heating tube caused by impure heating oil. The temperature control accuracy of programmed heating module reaches ±0.1℃.


Optical detection system:

◎Low power-consumption LED light source is adopted, which has strong energy and good stability.

◎Full spectrum direct-reading CCD detector: multiple trigger modes; high sensitivity; good stability; no spectral interference; wavelength range 350~1100nm.

◎Double beam detection mode; optional reference wavelength.

◎Up to 1000 full spectrum scans per second; USB interface; convenient and fast data transmission.

◎Optical signal transmission adopts optical fiber with low loss, fast transmission, high sensitivity and long service life.

◎A variety of optical path detection cells (10nm~200nm) can be selected and replaced to meet the needs of test projects with different sensitivity.


Gas-liquid drive system:

◎Screw pump: pressing block type; high-precision; taking and pressing integrated; good transmission consistency and high transmission precision.

◎The three-bayonet double bridge pump pipe is adopted, which prolongs the service life, reduces the cost and saves maintenance time compared with the conventional pump pipe.

◎The sampling needle of the automatic sampler: carbon fiber; corrosion resistance; long service life; light needle body and not easy to break.

◎Automatic sampler: imported or domestic; 180 or more sample positions; rapid and accurate sample injection; automatic cleaning and automatic replacement of cleaning liquid; ultra-silent operation; single needle/double needle/three needle mode for the imported sample injector.


Circuit control system:

Circuit control system has comprehensive functions, including sampling, heating, digestion, detection and other functional controls.

Based on ARM, electrical technology control platform has high performance, rich interfaces and powerful functions.

The temperature control precision of heating temperature control module can reach ±0.1℃.

The optimized PCB board has strong anti-interference ability and reliability.


Data processing system:

The self-developed automatic multi-channel data processing system has friendly working interface and powerful functions.

It can control samplers, screw pump, temperature control, digestion and other functional modules and it is convenient to set parameters and instrument conditions for the items to be tested.

Realize automatic sample measurement and automatic data saving; a variety of report printing modes; easy to call up the measurement results.

Prompt samples to be diluted if they exceed the standard.

Expert system: recommend the optimal method for each measurement module.

Easy to observe atlas and process data and easy to operate.

Meet the specification requirements of GLP, GMP, GCP, 21CFR Part11 data integrity and audit tracking.

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