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LC liquid phase morphology processing unit
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LC liquid phase morphology processing unit

Product summary: The atomic fluorescence speciation analysis designed according to the special requirements of element speciation analysis can realize the unified and coordinated automatic control of the chromatographic pump, digestion system, steam generation and detection system. At the same time, it can analyze the different forms of As, Se, Hg, Sb and other elements in the sample.
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1. Imported morphological analysis chromatographic column (built-in) increases the column temperature control function, the temperature control accuracy is ±0.01℃, and the column temperature can be displayed, set, and adjusted to improve the stability of the chromatographic column.

2. New type of chemical reaction system of liquid chromatography and atomic fluorescence combined instrument, built-in ultraviolet digestion device, built-in column oven

3. On-line digestion device: specially designed ultraviolet digestion device, no ultraviolet light leakage, protect the human body from damage. High-intensity ultraviolet irradiation digests the analysis components and improves the detection performance of the instrument. The UV digestion unit has two modes: UV and non-UV. It is controlled by a special flow path switching valve, which is convenient for switching and does not need to replace the flow path.

4. Built-in high-pressure infusion pump: using two miniature original high-pressure liquid pumps, the accuracy of the pump (RSD) <0.02% (1ml/min), to ensure the stability of the instrument. The high-pressure infusion pump can choose isocratic or gradient measurement at will according to the needs of the actual sample.

5. Reserve the interface of part of the autosampler for liquid chromatography, which can be upgraded to automatic sample injection, and can be equipped with imported or domestic liquid phase autosampler.

6. It can be connected with any AFS atomic fluorescence spectrometer of Haiguang Company, and upgraded to LC-AFS liquid chromatography-like fluorescence spectrometer.

7. The liquid chromatography part adopts a highly integrated integrated design, with built-in high-pressure infusion pump, liquid phase injection part, ultraviolet digestion, column temperature box, and vapor generation system.

8. Realize an integrated special instrument for element morphology analysis, "first total screening, then morphological analysis", one machine with dual functions, saving workload. The total analysis and morphology analysis of the instrument can realize one-key automatic switching without complicated pipeline replacement.

9. The integrated working software can realize the control of the atomic fluorescence part and counter-control the high-pressure infusion pump at the same time.

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