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Graphite digestion robot
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Graphite digestion robot

Product summary: HGD series graphite digestion robot is mainly used for wet digestion of samples. It adopts surrounding heating method to heat. In the same digestion tube, through automatic acid addition, automatic shaking, automatic temperature control, automatic acid removal, automatic constant volume, Automatic recording, etc., complete the "one-stop" digestion. It is an ideal pre-processing equipment for AFS, AAS, ICP and other analytical instruments.
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Product advantages

1. High degree of automation

"One-stop" digestion, more accurate, more labor-saving, and more efficient

The instrument automatically adds reagents, automatic shakes, automatic temperature control, automatic acid removal, automatic constant volume, automatic recording, etc. six "automatic" to achieve "one-key" digestion and "one-stop" digestion

2. Good safety

Pay more attention to people’s safety and health, digestion under normal pressure, no high-voltage safety hazards; wireless remote control, far away from toxic and harmful factors, pay more attention to personal safety and health; automatically add a variety of strong acids or alkalis to reduce the risk of personnel being burned ; Over-temperature interlocking protection design to further ensure the safety of the instrument and the person

3. Reliable and durable

Easily cope with strong acid and alkali environment, the whole machine is designed with heavy anti-corrosion inside and outside, and the whole body is sprayed with special material coating; all transmission parts are not exposed; special parts are made of titanium alloy

4. High processing efficiency

Batch processing, uninterrupted, improve efficiency by 60%, adopt 42-bit/84-bit digestion tube design, suitable for batch processing of samples; 24 hours continuous operation; efficiency increased by more than 60%

5. The software is easy to operate

The sample digestion is easily completed in five seconds, the operation interface is simple and intuitive, and the user-friendly design; the method module is prefabricated, and the method editing with building blocks is easy to understand; often processing samples, only three steps, "click five, "Five seconds" to complete the whole process

Technical characteristics

1. Fully automatic system

■ Automatic reagent addition

■ Automatically shake

■ Automatic lifting

■ Automatic digestion

■ Automatically drive acid

■ Automatic constant volume

2. All-round anti-corrosion system

■ The whole machine is sprayed with special coating design inside and outside

■ The robot takes samples, and the joints are sealed with 3 PTFE seals

■ Corrosion-resistant piping design

■ Graphite and coated constant temperature block design

3. Precise dosing system

■ High-precision syringe pump, dosing accuracy <0.1%

■ Ultrasonic measurement of liquid level, constant volume accuracy <1%

■ 6~8 channel liquid adding pipeline design to meet the addition of various acids

■ Scara robot positioning, moving accuracy ±0.02mm

4. Software control system

■ The software is installed on the tablet, which is more convenient for mobile use

■ Friendly user interface, graphical programming, simple operation

■ Automatic identification system at startup, real-time feedback of instrument operation status

■ Prefabricated method module, building block method editing

5. Automatic temperature monitoring system

■ Real-time temperature monitoring to ensure the accuracy of data

6. Wireless control system

■ Adopt WiFi transmission control technology, remote control, stable data transmission

7. Lims system

■ Real-time upload of test data, can be connected to LIMS system (laboratory information management system)

Applicable standards

1. Soil and sediment

● HJ 491-2019 Determination of copper, zinc, lead, nickel, and chromium in soil and sediment

● HJ 803-2016 Determination of 12 metal elements in soil and sediment

● GB/T 22105.2-2008 soil quality determination of total mercury, total arsenic and total lead

● HJ 737-2015 Determination of beryllium in soil and sediment

● EPA method 3010a, 3020b, 3050b, 3060, etc.

2. Food/cosmetics

● GB 5009.11-2014 Determination of total arsenic and inorganic arsenic in food

● GB 5009.74-2014 limited test of heavy metals in food additives

● GB/T 35828-2018 Determination of chromium, arsenic, cadmium, antimony and lead in cosmetics

3. Solid waste

● HJ 781-2016 determination of 22 metal elements in solid waste

● HJ 786-2016 Determination of lead, zinc and cadmium in solid waste

● HJ 787-2016 determination of lead and cadmium in solid waste

4. Toys

● CPSC-CH-E1001-08.3/CPSC-CH-E1002-08.3

● US Consumer Product Safety Commission test method: standard operating procedure for determination of total lead content in children's metal products (including children's metal jewelry)/non-metal

● GB24613-2009 Limits of hazardous substances in paints for toys

5. Electronic products

● IEC 62321 measures the content of cadmium, lead and chromium in polymers and electronic products

● SJ/T 11365-2006 Detection Method of Hazardous Substances in Electronic Information Products

6. Textiles

● GB 31701-2015 Safety Technical Code for Infant and Children Textile Products

● GB 30585-2014 Safety Technical Code for Children's Shoes

7. Water quality

HJ 677-2013 Digestion of total metal nitric acid digestion method

HJ 694-2014 Determination of arsenic, mercury, selenium, bismuth and antimony

HJ 700-2014 65 elements

EPA method 200.2, 200.7, 200.8, 245.1, etc.

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