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Recruit Zhejiang after-sales engineer (emergency recruitment)

Recruit Zhejiang after-sales engineer (emergency recruitment)

(Summary description)

Recruit Zhejiang after-sales engineer (emergency recruitment)

(Summary description)


1. Job requirements

• Nature of work: full-time

• Work location: Zhejiang Province

• Salary: Negotiable (enjoy the same treatment as the company’s Beijing headquarters)

• Number of recruits: several

2. Qualifications

• Bachelor degree or above;

• Major: Chemistry, mechanics, electronics or related majors, work experience is preferred;

• Strong learning ability and a sense of responsibility;

• Cheerful personality and strong teamwork ability;

• Can adapt to frequent business trips.

3. Job responsibilities

• The company does special training for the installation, debugging, and maintenance of the company's atomic fluorescence, atomic absorption and other products in Zhejiang Province.

4. Benefits

• Social insurance, housing provident fund, paid annual leave;

• Heating subsidy, medical insurance reimbursement, annual physical examination, accidental injury insurance;

• A good union welfare system;

• The company can apply for a Beijing work residence permit for employees (equivalent to a Beijing green card);

• The company provides free breakfast and lunch for employees;

• Rich team building activities;

• Complete talent training plan.

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